All About Girl Scout Pathways

There are so many ways girls can be involved in Girl Scouts. The six Pathways are designed to give girls greater flexibility and more opportunities as they grow through the different grade levels of Girl Scouting.

Girls can choose one, some or all of these Pathways during the’s her choice depending on her interests and schedule.

The Six Pathways
Girls of similar ages join together for group activities. Girls in troops may also participate in other Pathways as part of the troop or individually.

One-time events or activates that take place in a day or weekend. See all events in the PathFinder and online.

Resident, day and mini camps allow girls to experience outdoor adventures and environmental education.

Girls plan and experience international and domestic trips called destinations and getaways.

Interactive and lively Girl Scouts programs are delivered in a safe, secure online environment.

Girls attend a series of sessions, usually 4, relating to a specific theme such as the environment. Listed in the PathFinder and online.