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Earn Badgerland Property Patches

Inspiration Project

Each year Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland Council offers a year-long community service patch program. This year, Inspiration Project is focused on getting girls to give back to their community!

This year Badgerland Girl Scouts, their troops, friends and families are encouraged to participate in a take action or community service project! This community service project will involve choosing an issue that you care about, finding an agency that is trying to make a difference and then volunteer your time to help. This is a great opportunity for girls to learn the benefits of community service and develop a lifelong passion for giving back to their community. A few examples of how the girls can be involved include:

  • Discussing the needs of families who have loved ones at UW or Meriter Hospital and serving food at Ronald McDonald House.
  • Caring for animals at a local Humane Society and making dog/cat treats or blankets for the kennels.
  • Getting involved with the Senior Care center in your neighborhood and visiting with them during the holidays.

Don’t know where to start? Talk to family and friends about issues that are important, or head to your local library! We have partner organizations that are eager to help educate and empower you on your community service project. We are also building a website just for connecting with local community service agencies. Watch for the launch date of this website via Badgerland Banner and on the website.

The requirements of this patch are as follows:

  1. Discuss with your troop (or parent if you are an IRG) about issues that you care about. These may include things like homelessness, senior care, animals, cancer care and many others. Choose one issue your troop would like to work on.
  2. Find an organization near you that needs help with your issues. Talk to them about how you can help. Learn about what that organization does and why they do it.
  3. Do 10 hours of community service with that organization. Service can include making or collecting items, visiting residents (human and animals) or giving your time to help an organization.*
  4. Turn in the Inspiration Project Patch Report to get your patches.

If you are looking for a way to get more involved with community service, check out the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award or the Community Service Bars for Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scout in your Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

For questions, please contact Eliza at or at 800-236-2710 x 3030.

*Your project can be monetarily supported by donations of goods or services, through product sales or through approved extra fund raising activities. Please follow all Badgerland Council fund raising policies when working with a partner organization.

Download the Inspiration Project Patch Report

Return completed forms to:
Attn: Inspiration Project
1201 Big Hill Ct.
Beloit, WI 53511

Health Heroes Patch

Health Heroes Patch

Every year Badgerland Council offers a year-long community service patch program. In 2014, the spotlight is all about health and wellness in our communities!

Girl Scouts, their troops, friends and families are encouraged to participate in a project that will make the community a little healthier. The project will involve choosing and researching a health-related topic, creating an advocacy plan then spreading the word about your topic. This is a great opportunity for girls to discover the meaning of advocacy while learning about an issue that interests them.

What Project Should I Do?

The topic and project should be something that the girl(s) are interested in and motivated to see change in their communities. The projects should be age-appropriate and relevant for the girls.

How to find a topic:

  • Ask the girls what their interests are – find a common interest.
  • Visit a local library to get inspired
  • Read the newspaper for ideas
  • Talk to family and friends about issues that are important to them.
  • Watch the local or national news for important and relevant issues
  • Ask the girls if there is anything they would like to learn more about, like a specific disease or illness.

Project examples:

  • Food allergies – an informational booth at the grocery store bringing awareness to food allergies and how to cope.
  • Eating more vegetables – a troop creates informational handouts about the importance of eating more vegetables.
  • Bullying – a troop takes on the subject of bullying for the entire year. They complete the aMaze journey and hold a bullying awareness event.
  • Exercise – a troop holds a field day where they have lots of games and activities; they also talk about how important and easy it is to incorporate exercise into your life!
  • Lyme Disease – a troop has an informational booth at the local library informing the public about Lyme’s Disease and the importance of checking for ticks.
  • Diabetes – a troop writes a letter to the local paper to post about eating healthy to prevent diabetes.

Connect this to a badge or journey!

There are many badges and journeys that are wellness oriented! They are a great place to look for inspiration for a topic or project. Girls can even incorporate HealthHeroes into her journey or badge requirements to make her Girl Scouting even more special!

  • Daisy-Between Earth and Sky journey, Gloria petal
  • Brownie– My Best Self badge, Hiker badge, Snacks badge
  • Junior-Staying Fit badge, Social Butterfly badge, Get Moving journey
  • Cadette-aMaze journey, Eating for Beauty badge, New Cuisines badge
  • Senior-Women’s Health badge, Sow What journey, Cross Training badge
  • Ambassador-First Aid badge, Your Voice Your World journey

Words to Know

Advocacy: The act of gaining active support for an idea, cause, or issue.

Wellness: Being mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.

Health:  state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease

Additional definitions: KidsHealth provides a very comprehensive list of kid-friendly definitions.

Patch Order Form

Download the patch order form

Mail the completed forms to:

Attn: Health Heroes
2710 Ski Lane
Madison, WI 53713