Cookie Returns to Council Service Centers

Troops conducting a Direct Sale may return any unopened, clean, undamaged full case of cookies to the Badgerland Council Service Center near them between March 8- 11.

Troop Cookie Coordinators should communication with your troop families before March 6 and find out if they are holding too many cookies. Before retuning them, shuffle the cookies among troop families as needed. If the troop still needs to return cookies, have your families get them to you before March 6.

If a troop returns cases, the troop may continue to selling and ordering additional cookies, as needed. The return policy is designed as a safety net. Sometimes unexpected things happen: Girls may opt out of the cookie sale, people may get sick and be unable to sell…whatever the reasons, this policy is in place to help troops make sound financial cookie decisions.

Return Guidelines:

  • A troop must have placed an initial order by January 25
  • Troops may return unopened, clean (no writing on the cartons!), undamaged cases only
  • Returns are accepted at any Badgerland Council Service Center on these dates only:
    • Sunday, March 8 | 4-8 pm
    • Monday, March 9 | 9am-7pm
    • Tuesday, March 10 | 9am-7pm
    • Wednesday, March 11 | 9am-7pm

Cookie Calendar

February 13
Cookie sales begin!

February 27
Girls selling cookies using traditional order cards, submit your order to your Troop Cookie Coordinator.

March 5-13
Cookie pick-up time for girls using traditional order form.

By March 6
RETURNS are due on or before March 6. You may return any unopened, clean (no writing), cases of cookies to your troop cookie coordinator. This is the ONLY opportunity to return cookies.

March 22
End of Cookie Sale! All cookies should be sold or delivered and money collected.

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