Hello Troop Leaders & Cookie Parents!

Did You Make it to Training?

Thanks to all who attended the weekend Cookie Training
to learn all about the 2014 Cookie Program!

Didn't make it to Cookie Training?
Here are the frequently asked questions
from the two sessions this weekend.


Cookie Troop Materials PSMs      


What's a PSM?
The Product Sale Manager (PSM) is the volunteer in your community who will be your local "point person" for cookie materials and cookie distribution. 

What if we don't know who our PSM is. How do we find out who our PSM is? I haven't heard from anyone. 

Contact your Girl Scout Member Services Specialist. If you're not sure who yours is then simply email the Badgerland Cookie Team and we can put you in contact with your PSM.


Can we pick up cookie materials at the Council office?
Only if you don't have a PSM assigned to your community - then your paperwork will be at the Girl Scout Service Center near you. Otherwise, the paperwork for your troop was sent directly to your PSM.


If I came to the training but wasn't registered how do I get my packet for the troop?
Speak to your PSM and they will have all your cookie paperwork.


If you have no PSM, how do you get a user name for SNAP?

Contact cookies@gsbadgerland.org and we can get you set up.

When will we receive cookie materials packet? How?

You should receive your materials within the next few days, if not already from the PSM in your area.

Can we get a list of emails of the cookie coordinators in our area to email them to see if we can swap cookies? This would be great just in case the troop leader is not the cookie manager.

You're on the right track to knowing that swapping cookies is a great way to manage inventory! Please talk with your PSM or Member Services Specialist for contacts within your community. Some communities have set up Facebook pages or Google docs to help with inventory control.

Order Taking & Direct Sale Questions     

Can a troop have half girls do direct sale and half girls do order taking?

Definitely. You would place an order by January 17 for cookies for those direct sale girls and booth sales. Be in communication with your direct sale girls so that when the order taking girls orders are due to you on February 23, you can use any cookies remaining from booths and direct sale girls to first fill the order taking girls cookies. You can also order any additional cookies you would need then to fill any remaining orders.


Are the "important money dates" different for troops that are order taking troops only?

A little. If you don't have an order in the SNAP system before February 21, then you will not have a withdrawal on February 25. However, if you are an order taking troop doing booth sales and placed an order on January 17, you will still have a withdrawal on February 25.


Does the troop have to all sell one way (i.e. direct sale, preorder) or taking orders or can they use individual choice?

A troop can use individual choice.


Can we choose either Direct Sales or order taking?

Yes, or your troop could do combination of both!


If our troop is doing an order sale only, how can we get cookies for our booth? Is the troop responsible for those cookies?

Any booth cookies that you may want to have for the beginning of the sale on February 8, are due in SNAP on January 17, no matter if you are an order taking troop or a direct sale troop. You will want to use these cookies first to fill your girls orders when they come in on February 23 and then place a planned order for any additional cookies you need.


If we choose to take orders, can girls collect funds at the time the order is taken?

No, girls always take funds at the time cookies are delivered.

Do troops have to completely commit to either being a direct sale or order taking troop?

Nope, you could be a hybrid of both if you'd like.

Can one girl do order taking and the rest of the girls do booth sales, or does the entire troop need to do the same thing?

Your troop can customize the sale to make it work for you!

SNAP Questions     
What is SNAP?
SNAP is the online cookie management program you will use to manage your troops cookie sale. You can access it here.
How does the troop leader get set up on SNAP?

The PSM for your community should set up your troop in SNAP. If you are not set up yet, please contact your PSM or the Badgerland Cookie Team to help you get logged into SNAP.


Snap is no longer accepting my username and password, what do I do?

Contact your PSM or the Badgerland Cookie Team. NOTE: if you are using your login from last year, it is no longer valid.

Do we have to re-enter all the girls' names in the SNAP program again even if some are in the system from last year?

We have uploaded all girls who were registered for your troop and in the membership database as of December 16. If you don't see a girl on your troop roster, then we didn't have her associated with your troop and you will need to add her in SNAP.


Is the information from last year still in SNAP so I can access and know what I ordered last year?

Yes, you may run a Troop Order Summary report from Reports/Archive Reports in SNAP.


If a girl sold cookies last year and will become registered in January, can their prior year data be brought into SNAP?

Their data is still in SNAP in the archive report area.

Do Juliettes (Individually Registered Girl Scouts) use SNAP?

Not unless they absolutely want to or need to. The council usually handles Individually registered girl orders.


If SNAP was wiped out, will all cookies sold as troop show  up even if a girl is no longer in the troop?

Yes, it is in the Archive reports.

If an ordering taking troop puts on order into snap before Feb 25, will money be pulled even though no money has been deposited as of that date?

If an order taking troop places an order on/before February 21, money will be withdrawn on February 25. That is why an order taking troops planned order is not due until February 25.


If a planned order is placed, does the cookie cupboard add them to your inventory in SNAP or does the troop need to add to the inventory via a transfer?

They will be added automatically to your troops inventory upon pick up of the cookies.

Archive report is not working this week in SNAP and I have not heard back from tech support. When will this work?

Try again. If you try and it still doesn't work, please contact the Badgerland Cookie Team to help as we were able to run these reports at the council level.


I've tried to log into ABCSNAP.COM as the cookie coordinator - it will not allow entry. It says "select the account you are logging into" with a dropdown arrow and then 'no activity'.

You are using last year's login information. You will need to be provided with a new password for this year. Contact your PSM or the Cookie Team and we'll get you set-up with a new login.


Can we have more than one person (leader and cookie moms) access our troop's SNAP accounts with their own email addresses?

Yes, there can be multiple users for each troop. Each with their own login.

ACH Troop Withdrawal Questions    

If I am a veteran troop do I need to fill out my bank information again?

Yes, as we have to have your permission to do the ACH withdrawals and we wiped the system clean from last year.  However, if your troop participated in the "in a nutshell" sale, then you already filled out the form and we uploaded your bank information into SNAP already and have your permission on file.


If order taking: cookies come into the cupboard March 3rd but money is withdrawn February 25th. What if you don't have sufficient funds in the account?

If you don't have an order in SNAP by February 21, then you won't have an ACH withdrawal on February 25.


Regarding order taking option: If picking up ordered cookies on March 3rd when is the first ACH withdrawal? Do ordered cookies also get entered in ABC Snap?

The first ACH withdrawal will be on March 18. Yes, ordered cookies get entered into SNAP.


Which person is getting the e-mail about the ACH withdrawal?  (Troop leader, troop treasurer, cookie chair)?
The first person listed as the Troop contact in the My troop/edit troop information area of SNAP.


ACH withdrawal: How does it work when you have girls doing both direct sales and order taking?

Your troop will be following the full ACH schedule. You need to make sure that your direct sale girls turn in money by February 18 so that you have enough in the bank account for the withdrawal on February 25. 


If you place a planned order (Feb 24 - 25th), when will the 1st ACH withdrawal occur?  On the money dates, the first withdrawal is Feb. 25th - the same date?

The withdrawal on the 25th is based on your balance as of February 21. If you don't place an order until February 25, then your first ACH will be on March 18.


If order taking girls don't collect money until cookies delivered in March, does the ACH withdrawal on Feb 25th still apply? If not, what are the dates and percentage?

If you don't have an order in SNAP by February 21, then your first ACH is on March 18 (40%) and final withdrawal on April 4 (remaining balance).

Can you please review the financial timeline for the troop?  When do they draw from our account for the order placed? 

- 30% of your balance for all orders placed in SNAP by February 21, will be withdrawn on February 25

- 40% of your balance for all orders placed in SNAP by March 12, will be withdrawn on March 18

- The remaining balance for all cookies ordered in SNAP by the end of the sale will be withdrawn from your troop account on April 4.

Gluten-Free Questions    

Will gluten-free cookies be on the order form?  If not, will we have any product information for the customers? A half-sheet info sheet would be nice to staple to order form. 

Because the Gluten-Free cookie is a pilot project, it will not be on the order form. There is a flyer at gsbadgerland.org that you can print for your troop to use.


If we only order one case of gluten free cookies tonight, will it be possible to get more later if needed?

Badgerland will honor all orders received before January 17. We may not be able to provide you with the full quantity you have ordered, but if you place an order by January 17, we will make sure you receive at least one case of Gluten Free cookies.


Can gluten-free cases be returned?

Gluten-Free cookies cannot be returned, but if you have any remaining, please let us know and we can then help get your information to troops that weren't able to participate.

Can we get more gluten free cookies if we sell out of them?

IF the council happens to have Gluten Free cookies remaining after all orders are placed on January 17, then, yes, you will be able to get your troop more cookies. However, we are unable to order more from the baker.


Can we re-order gluten free cookies?

Possibly, but we can not guarantee it. We have a limited number of cases available. 


We are a new troop without any funds as of yet....how would we be able to get any gluten free cookies?

You could choose to still place an order for these cookies by January 17, but wait to pick them up when you have some cookie money coming into your troop account.


What if our troop is not doing direct sale? Can we still get gluten free and even a reorder if needed?

You can get Gluten Free cookies if you place an order by January 17, but we cannot guarantee a reorder.


Rewards Questions    

When will rewards come in?

Rewards will be available for pickup from your community PSM between May 1 - 15. NOTE: Badgerland Bucks and Trip Certificates will be mailed directly to girls' households in mid-April!

Is there any way to count the gluten-free cookies towards girl rewards?

Because the Gluten-Free cookies are a pilot project this year and are not found in SNAP, nor on order cards, the cookies ordered are not part of the girls recognitions this year. If ABC chooses to carry this cookie as part of their regular lineup in the future, it will definitely become part of the recognition program.

Is the Kalahari trip Saturday or Sunday?

It is a SUNDAY event - Sunday, May 4.

Does the troop leader get a wristband or will there be supervision provided at the Kalahari if the troops goes?

We will provide enough wristbands to the troop to meet the girl/adult ratio rules for Girl Scouts.

We have girls in different troops but in the same family. Is there a way to only get one recognition (so they don't have 2 bracelets, etc.) but still have the money split between the two girls?

Resolve situations like this directly with the troop leaders for your daughters' troops.


On line patch- is it automatic or do we need to track?

No, it is not automatic. You will need to track. You can run a "girl internet report" in SNAP.


Can girls use Badgerland Bucks at the shop at Camp Ehawee?

Yes, they are able to be used in the trading post at both Camp Ehawee and Camp Black Hawk. Girls can also redeem for merch in all Badgerland shops.


Did you say booth sales go towards a girl's recognition and rewards? How does that work? 

Yes, booth cookies count toward girl rewards. The easiest way, is to calculate how many hours the girls sold cookies and the number of cookies sold throughout the booth. Determine the number of cookies sold per hour and then assign those to the girls based on how many hours she worked.


Why not offer a no-rewards option for more profit like the fall product sale? This is especially relevant for older girls. I don't feel that there is much incentive for them to sell cookies since there is a small profit/roi for the amount of effort. In addition, high schoolers aren't interested in sticker sheets.

Since the majority of our sellers are younger girls many of these rewards are targeted at making their eyes light up. But knowing there are lots of older Girl Scouts selling too we decided to add the Badgerland Bucks and Trip Certificates at each level. Each year we look at ways to make the sale better. More to come for 2015! 

Can girls opt out of the incentives similar to the 'nutshell' sale?

No but a girl may choose to take Badgerland Bucks and/or Trip Certificates instead and use these 'virtual' dollars to pay for camp, programs and cool merch.


Is the American Girl doll full sized or a miniature version?  

The full-sized doll!

Can you tell us more about the Disney World reward?

This package is a 5-day/4-night adventure for a girl and her favorite adult and includes airfare, hotel and park hopper pass to Walt Disney World. This magical experience must be redeemed between June 1 and Nov 15, 2014. Blackout restrictions may apply.

Is the reward for the GS membership the total cost of the membership or is it just GSUSA dues?

The total cost of membership.

Troop Rewards - Based on registered girls or girls selling? We have two girls registered who haven't been at meetings for several months.

The troop reward is based on "per girls selling."

How do troops earn the extra 5 or 10 cents per box this year?

Per-girl selling average:

1 - 155 boxes: earns 60 cents per box

156 - 251 boxes: earns 65 cents per box

252+ boxes: earns 70 cents per box

Booth Sale Questions    

What are cookie booth dates? If we still have cookies after this date, may we continue to set up booths?

Cookie booths are from February 8 - March 23.

If you still have cookies remaining, yes, please continue to sell them.


Will we have the ability to take credit card payments at cookie booths?

Yes, if you arrange in advance for a Sage Card reader. You do this by contacting the Cookie Team at least one week in advance.


Last year you provided credit card readers that could be used with a smartphone. Will you do that again this year?  

Yes, there will be a $5 deposit fee.  If you would like to reserve a card reader, email the Badgerland Cookie Team and indicate when you need it and from which Service Center you'll pick it up. We need at least one week notice to set up your account with SAGE.


Approximately how many troops accept credit card payments and does council work with any particular credit card company to get a reduced rate for payments?

The council has about 25 card readers available throughout the cookie sale period for troops to use. The readers are through Sage, so we are bound by their fees for usage.

SAGE readers for credit cards. Is there a charge per transaction?

There is a charge, but Badgerland Council incurs those charges and does not pass them along to the troops. 


How are we handling those credit card sales?

If you have any sales from a card read, you will receive a summary report of all activity. Forward that report to Sally. Since those funds are deposited into a Badgerland bank account, she will credit your troop for these funds. You will then owe the council less money on your next ACH withdrawal.


Do the girls bring the cookies they have ordered to the booth sales or are booth sales a separate cookie order?

It is up to you if you'd like them to do this. It is a very good idea especially as the sale gets toward the end.

If we win the booth sale lottery, where do we get the cookies for it from? If these are supposed to come from our own stock, how so do we plan for it?

The cookies do come from your own stock. You can place a planned order any Sunday before 8 pm for cookies that you will need later in the week. If it is getting closer to the middle to end of the sale, you can chat with your girls/parents to determine cookies remaining and use these instead of ordering more in.


If a troop wants to have a booth sale at a Walmart on a day other than Saturday and Sunday, do they just contact Walmart themselves?

No, we were only allowed 14 days per the agreement between Walmart Foundation and GSUSA. Therefore, that equates to only Saturdays and Sundays being available.


Will the council secure any booths for troops to sign up for during spring expos around Badgerland?

We are reviewing different expo opportunities and will add as they are finalized to the lottery system or the first come, first served system in SNAP.


For several years we have had issues at booth sales where someone approaches us and says the cookies they got yesterday at this booth are bad. We have replaced the box and taken the hit. How should we handle this?

If they have provided you with the box, then you may enter a "damage order" on SNAP. We will need to receive this box back at the council to provide to ABC for their investigation into what caused the issue.

Have booth sale estimates been adjusted for rural areas such as Monroe where there are large troop count but not a large community.

The booth estimates are an average of all booths that are conducted in our council. You will need to use your best judgment on what you feel is appropriate for your area.

If a troop has more Girl Scouts, shouldn't they get more entries in the lottery for Sam's Club/Walmart/mall booth locations?

We want to make it fair that all troops have access to these booths. After the lottery spots are given out, we will be opening the booths up on a first come first served basis.

Can the council generate a list of major businesses that do not allow Girl Scout cookie booths? (ex. Target, Hyvee) This will save leaders lots of time.

Wow this is a terrific idea! We don't have this information compiled today but as you discover locations that won't allow booth sales email us and we'll start putting together a list and put it up on the leader cookie resource page of the website.

Timeline Questions    


Do we need to order cookies on January 21?  Or can we just take orders and order cookies on February 23? 

If your troop wants to have cookies available for starting on February 8th, they you will need to place an order by January 17.  If you aren't planning any booth sales in February, then you can place an order on February 25.

When do we have to stop selling?

March 23rd or when all your troops cookies are sold.


When do planned orders begin?
February 9


Because it's been so cold lately, will the sale be extended if a cold spell like this happens again?
Your troop could continue to sell after March 23 if you still have cookies remaining.


Will they be able to take pre-orders before February 8?

The cookie sale begins on February 8.


What is the last day to place orders in SNAP? Direct sales and order taking?
March 23


Time - Why is the planning/ordering time so short? 

We realize it's a tight turnaround and we're doing all we can to support leaders, parents and PSMs to make sure our Girl Scouts have a terrific spring sale! Resources are available at gsbaderland.org and we're always an email or phone call away (800.236.2710 x1142) away when you run into a question.

Cookie Questions:
Getting Them & Returning Them


Did the inventory problems get fixed?

We are confident that by allowing the full case returns between February 22 - 25, it will alleviate any inventory problems troops may have. REMEMBER: good communication between troop cookie coordinators and parents/girls are required to help with inventory issues at the troop level.

Will there be cookies available for pick up? 

Yes, there will be cookies available for pickup at the Council Service Centers and cupboards - unless we run out! To make sure cookies are available, it is best to place a Planned Order in SNAP.

If using orders forms (going door-to-door), when can we get cookies to deliver?  During sale dates or after?

If you are going door to door, your troops' Planned order is due in SNAP on February 25 for pickup from a cupboard near you during the week of March 3.


When will you stop stocking the cookie cupboards?

Whenever we run out of cookies or March 14 - whichever comes first!

Cookie returns - Do they have to be unopened, whole cases of the same cookie?

Yes, the cases must contain all the same cookies and be unopened, clean and undamaged.

Where are the "rules" for returns?

The rules for returns are listed on page 8 of your troop cookie handbook.

And is there a limit to cases you can return?

No. Please note we will be monitoring orders to help reduce excess returns.

Can we only return a certain percentage of our original order?

You can return any unopened, full, clean, undamaged cookies ordered by January 17.


Is the parent return deadline the same as the February, 22-25 troop return deadline?  Or is it when each troop determines?

Any parent who is returning cookies should have them back to you in time that you can bring back cookies as a troop to the council between February 22-25.

Is there any reason we cannot fill orders for girls as they take them if they are mainly direct selling (instead of waiting until after Feb. 23rd to turn in order)?

You may place a planned order for more cookies any Sunday before 8 pm to fill orders or use for booth sales. These cookies will be available by Thursday or Friday of that same week.


Why is the return period so soon after sales begin?

It allows the troop to go out and sell for 3 weekends, which is when troops are most excited for the sale. The troop is then able to determine their comfort level with their inventory and determine if they feel they need to return any cookies.

CoCo & Online Ordering Questions   


If girls sell cookies through CoCo invitations, are they considered Order Taking cookies?  When is the money for these sales taken from the troop account and how do the girls get credit for these? 

A girl will use the cookies she has received from her troop coordinator to fill these orders. The money for these cookies will be withdrawn during the ACH process depending on when the troop ordered these.

Does the CoCo app work without WIFI?
Yes, the mobile app with work without Wifi. It will sync to the regular CoCo site when Wifi is available. Read more about CoCo.

When will the Android app be available?

ABC Bakers is committed to keeping up with technology including emerging opportunities to be used during cookie seasons - be looking for more enhancements each year.


On CoCo, do people pay by credit card or e-check?

A girl collects payment from her customer when she delivers the cookies.

What happens if there are duplicate emails from girls for the e-card thing.  For example, what if sisters are sending them to their grandma?

Nothing happens; Grandma gets both invitations to order. And, hopefully, Grandma will purchase from both girls!


Will the emails in CoCo be used for marketing purposes?

No, they will not be used for any purpose other than the girl sending her e-cards.


Some of my parents are concerned about privacy issues with the e-tools. If a girl enters friends' or family members' email address in CoCo will these email addresses be sold or used for other advertising purposes? Will they get email about future council sales from the council or GSUSA?

These emails are not sold or used for advertising purposes. These emails are only visible to the girl who enters them. The council and GSUSA have no access to these emails.


How are the online sales added to the girls sale totals?

A girl needs to tell her cookie coordinator of her orders. You can run a girl internet order report in SNAP if you'd like, but double check that she hasn't already included them in her orders.

When can girls activate their account on CoCo to be eligible for the fun prize?

Starting now through February 1.


Lots of Other Questions    


What if girls have not yet registered? Is it too late?

No, it is not too late. Girls can join Girl Scouting anytime. Get registered now to participate in this amazing opportunity!


My daughter switched troops this year. Where can I get her numbers from last year? Will her new troop leader have that info?

Your daughter's numbers are still in SNAP, but with her old troop information. Email us and tell us your daughter's name, and what troop she was with last year, and we can provide you with that information to give to your daughter's new troop leader.

Can a girl whose troop is not selling cookies still participate in my troop's sale?

Yes, any registered Girl Scout can sell cookies whether or not she is in a troop.  Her troop would still benefit from the proceeds of her sales and you would need to work that out with the troop.


Where would I find previous sales for an independent Girl Scout for 2012-13 Cookie Program but is now in a troop?

Email the Badgerland Cookie Team to determine what she sold in the past.

What cookies are safe for nut allergies?

To determine if cookies are safe for varying allergies, a customer should refer to a girls order card or access the nutritional information for cookies at www.abcsmartcookies.com.

When selling, if someone wants to write a check, how do they write it to the troop? I want to make sure they write it out correctly.

Make it out to the troop! For example, Girl Scout Troop 2660.

Is there a fee for non-fundable checks?

The fee is determined by your bank.

Where do I go to find the different clip-art pictures.

Visit abcsmartcookies.com and click on the Flickr link (2 dots) on the top right of the screen.

Is a copy of the "Cookie Pledge" available so leaders do not have to recreate?

Yes, look for the pledge and other resources here.


We are a new troop but have some members from a troop that disbanded. How do we check if any of those that were from the prior troop might be on the delinquent payers list?

Contact your Membership Services Specialist.


As a new troop it is hard to even figure out what the options are or what is realistic to do in a year. Do you have any stats on average cost of troop activities that we could use to set goals for cookie sales?

Please use the Cookie Estimate worksheet for averages on number of cookies sold per girl selling.


What should leaders do about bad checks received from girl sales or from booth sales?

If you receive a NSF check notification from your bank. Fill out the "Returned check reimbursement" form, found on our website, and submit with original documentation from your bank. We will work on collecting those funds for your troop.

How do we go about doing fundraisers other than cookie or magazine/nuts...what is the process if saving for a big trip? 

More information about conducting additional money activities for your troop is in the Volunteer Essentials Guide. There is Fund-Raising Application form to be completed before a fund-raising event can be held.

Are you required to sell cookies prior to other fundraisers? If so...does this apply to the individual Girl Scout or the whole troop?

The criteria for additional fundraisers to be approved is that the troop participated in both Product Sales. Troops that started after the product sales concluded are exempt for this. It applies to the majority of the troop.


I was asked by a local chef if he could buy cookies from our troop and feature that cookie in his dessert in a his restaurant.

Yes, the troop may sell the cookies to a business. The business can use that product to create another product. However, the business may not market the product in any way associated with Girl Scouts or Girl Scouts of Wisconsin- Badgerland Council. The business also must not use any of the trademarked cookie names when advertising the product (Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites, Samoas, Lemonades, Thanks-A-Lot and Trefoils). If the business wishes to partner with Girl Scouts through the Girl Scout Cookie Program or if you have any additional questions about this contact Jen Davie, Director of Strategic Relationships, 800.236.2710 X 1148.


When do we, as a troop, collect money from our girls?

Promptly and frequently since there are multiple ACH withdrawals from your troop account. It would be best to have collection dates of February 18, March 12, and March 23. You could also have more than that.

When do girls collect money from their customers?
Direct sale = at time cookies exchange hands
Order taking = at time cookies are delivered

Please clarify the Cookie Share/donation program.

Cookie Share is an opportunity for a customer to "purchase" cookies to be donated. A customer pays for the cookies which are then donated by the troop to an organization of their choice. This is a very popular feature of the Cookie Program for the girls who enjoy selecting where to donate their Cookie Share cookies. Look on the order card for the Cookie Share column to be checked when customers purchase these cookies.


Customers are already asking for Samoas. What cookie is that?

The Samoa is the same cookie as the Caramel Delight. It is made by the other licensed baker and simply they call it a different name.


What will be the "use by" date on the cookies for this 2014 sale?

Expiration dates are September 1, 2014. The exception is the gluten-free cookies which have a shorter shelf life.


So the cookies will no longer be good by Christmas?

Badgerland Council has no control over the expiration date of cookies. You can freeze them and they will be good for Christmas!


Where can we find the ordering ratio tool?
Right here on our website along with lots of other great resources!


In the past, you had to participate in cookie sale to apply for camp scholarships. Is that the same?

Yes, for a girl to be eligible for a Campership Grant, she must participate in the Cookie Program. Note: The 2014 Camp Season is underway! Check out all the great programs. Registration is open and Campership applications are now available.

Why did the sale move from fall to February?
We're so excited to have a spring sale in Badgerland! The primary reason driving the change was to give newer troops with younger Girl Scouts the opportunity to get settled into Girl Scouting before launching. We flipped the "nutshell" sale to the fall to allow troops to get start-up funds while getting a taste of running a sale. Additionally, moving the program to February-March puts Badgerland right in step with Girl Scouts USA's National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend...which happens to be exactly when our sale kicks off!

Have More Cookie Questions?

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland Council
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800-236-2710  | gsbadgerland.org
Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland Council | 2710 Ski Ln | Madison | WI | 53713