March 24, 2014

Hello Cookie Team


Here are the cookie things for you to know today: 

1)  Deposit Cookie Funds Today

The Cookie Program's official end date was yesterday so now is the time to begin wrapping up your financials. Deposit all cookie funds into the troop account now to prepare for the final ACH withdrawal next week. Remember it takes longer for checks to clear so get them deposited now. Still have cookies? Troops can continue selling until the cookie inventory is gone.

Final Cookie Payment/ACH Withdrawal is Friday, April 4 

2) Complete Two Financial Forms by Friday 

Have some families yet to turn in cookie money? Do not wait. Fill out the Delinquent Parent Form and return to Badgerland Council this week. Once we have your information, we'll follow-up with those families for payment.


> Delinquent Parent Form Due Friday, March 28


What about bad checks? Did you have checks returned for insufficient funds? Badgerland Council will reimburse your troop account for charges relating to returned checks. Submit the Returned Check Reimbursement Form by Friday.


> Returned Check Reimbursement Form | Due Friday, March 28

3)  Update your Troop-to-Girl Transfers NOW   

Before you dig into the Rewards Order, be sure to update any Troop to Girl transfers. This critical information allows SNAP to calculate your troop's "per girl selling" average and the proceeds your troop is earning per box (between 60-70 cents).  

4) Complete the Rewards Order by Thursday

The girls have worked hard and now it's time to make their rewards official. Reward orders are due in SNAP on or before Thursday, March 27. 


CREATE a Reward Order 

  • Hover over the Recognitions tab
  • Click on Create Reward Order
  • Choose Main as the plan type
  • Click Create Order
    -This will generate the order for your Girl Scouts. 
    -Now you select the rewards each girl wants at each reward level.
  • If she did Online Sales, enter 1 for the Online Patch
  • If she promoted the Cookie Share Program, enter 1 for the Cookie Share Patch
  • If she participated in a Booth Sale, enter 1 for the Booth Sale Patch
  • Click Save and Exit AFTER you have completed rewards selections for all girls in your troop.   

EDIT a Reward Order

If you made an error and need to make a change to your Reward Order - it's easy!

  • Hover over the Recognitions tab
  • Click on View Reward Order
  • Select the Pencil icon in the Action area (located on the line where it shows your troop's reward order) 
    - This will bring up your reward order and allow you to select the choice for each girl at each reward level 
    - Make your edits, as necessary
  • Click Save and Exit after you have made all edits. 

 > Contact us with questions or challenges completing the order


5)   More About the Rewards
  • Wondering exactly how to redeem Badgerland Bucks and Trip Certificates? 
    > VIEW the BB and TC with detailed redemption information   
  • Not sure what a Vera Bradley Bag looks like?   > VIEW the Vera Bradley Reward   
  • Did your troop earn the Kalahari Troop Reward?
    Remember a second date was added so your troop chooses to attend either Sunday, May 4 or Sunday, May 18. You must register the troop for the outing on E-Biz starting April 7.
    > VIEW the Kalahari Troop Reward Fact Sheet
5)  Walmart Cookie Booth Surveys

Did your troop hold a booth sale at Walmart or Sam's Club?  If yes, please take sixty seconds to answer seven simple questions about your sale including location and date. Take the survey for each Walmart/Sam's Club Booth Sale your troop held. For example, if you scheduled five booth sales there then take five surveys. It's quick and easy - promise!



7)  Thank You

We know you've been working hard to make the 2014 Cookie Program a success for your troop and your Girl Scouts. 


THANK YOU and know that your efforts have made a difference in the lives of your girls. At the end of the day, cookies is all about helping grow girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. And that's what you've been doing since January! Thank you.

Cookie Questions?  | 800.236.2710 x4312

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