January 31, 2014

Ready for Cookies?

GO DATE is Saturday, February 8

Here's One Thing To Do Right Now:

Help Your Girl Scout
and she'll be eligible to win
What's CoCo?         

CoCo is an online 'business center' just for Girl Scouts. It's where girls set goals, track progress and (starting February 8) send ecards to tell family and friends about her cookie sale.


IMPORTANT Activate the CoCo account now and be eligible to win prizes in daily drawings Monday-Friday starting February 3. See the prize list here including Build-a-Bear's all new Caramel deLite Girl Scout!

CoCo Giveaway Details       

Who's Eligible? All Badgerland Girl Scouts with an active CoCo account.

When are the Drawings? We'll do two random drawings Monday-Friday for a total of ten fun prizes!


What if she doesn't activate her account until later? No worries. We're pulling fresh CoCo activation lists for each drawing. So, for instance, if your Girl Scout activates her account at 1pm Thursday she'll be entered to win the Thursday afternoon drawing and both drawings on Friday!

How will I know if she wins? Winners will be instantly announced on Badgerland's Facebook page by first name and troop number. Like us now! We'll also call each winner and make arrangements to get your prize to you.


Cookie Questions?
cookies@gsbadgerland.org  | 800.236.2710 x4312

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland Council
2710 Ski Lane  Madison, Wisconsin 53713
800-236-2710  | gsbadgerland.org

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland Council | 2710 Ski Lane | Madison | WI | 53713