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Badgerland Long Range Property Plan

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin – Badgerland Council Board of Directors voted in June 2014 on the Long Range Property Plan. Development of this strategy has been years in the making. A volunteer-led, Long-Range Property Planning Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors in 2009 to review, in depth, at all ten Badgerland properties with an eye for program potential and the cost of bringing properties up to program standards. That committee concluded its work with property-by-property recommendations presented to the Board in April 2013. In the fall of 2013, those proposals were released to the full membership for review and comment. Today’s Badgerland Property Plan is the result of that five-year long review and analysis.

Long Range Property Plan
Updated March 2015


Black Hawk Hold 2015 camp season; evaluate plans for the future beyond 2015.
Ehawee Hold 2015 camp season; evaluate plans for the future beyond 2015.


Brandenburg Invest resources at a sufficient level to prevent deterioration while exploring options.
Echo Valley Negotiations complete and closing scheduled on or before  May 15, 2015.
Oakwood Knoll Explore options for sale.
Stetler Postpone decision until spring 2015.


Beloit Sale finalized with city of Beloit. Closing scheduled for May 1, 2015.
New leased location confirmed at Rose Pointe Center, 4407 Milton Avenue, Janesville
La Crosse Explore options to remain or relocate.
Madison Engage a realtor to explore possible sale.
Platteville Remain in current leased facility.